Gekko users

Gekko has been used for serious real-world purposes for quite a few years now.

  • Since 2009, Gekko is being used by the Danish Energy Agency ( and the Technical University of Denmark ( for forcasting the future Danish energy consumption with the EMMAenergy model (about 2000 equations).
  • Since 2010, Gekko is being used by the Danish Ministry of Finance ( and the Danish Ministry for Economic Affairs and the Interior ( for their short-, medium- and long-run economic forecasts on the macroeconomic model ADAM (about 4000 equations).
  • Since 2011, Gekko is being used for model simulation (ADAM) on the recurring 1-semester course “Economic forecasts in practice” at the University of Copenhagen.
  • Since 2012, Statistics Denmark ( is distributing Gekko to its paying customers of the macroeconomic model ADAM. These ADAM ‘customers’ include ministeries, larger banks, interest groups, and universities. Statistics Denmark regularly conducts two-day courses on the use of ADAM and Gekko. (To avoid misunderstandings: note that Gekko is free, whereas ADAM is generally not. Gekko can run any macro model and is not particularly tied to ADAM).

In addition to this, Gekko has been succesfully tested on the CPB (Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis) short- and medium term model SAFFIER, on the SMEC model of the Danish Economic Council, and on the quarterly MONA model of the Danish Central Bank. It is planned to test Gekko on a wide range of different models.