Steering comittee

The steering committee of the open-source Gekko project organizes the development of Gekko. The current editor of the Gekko project is Thomas Thomsen, T-T Analyse.

At the steering committee meetings, which are held at least annually, the work is planned and prioritized, and an editor is elected for a one year period. The editor is in charge of organizing the Gekko project, implementing new source code, testing, website etc. The steering committee is self-supplementing and open for contributors and people with a serious interest in the project. The first meeting in the steering committee was held in May 2011, and the most recent was held in June 2022.

Since the code is open-source, anybody can in principle create a branch of the software, as long as the result is still open-source (GNU GPL). However, the steering committee will try to consider all interests fairly, in order to keep the project going in one direction.