Gekko 2.0 is now (summer 2016) available in a stable version.

Data management programs from Statistics Denmark are in the process of being translated to Gekko 2.0. The syntax and databank logic has been sorted out, and lately, the following components have been added to Gekko 2.0:

  • Improved solving with leads (so-called Newton-Fair-Taylor algorithm)
  • Matrix capabilities (linear algebra) in Gekko
  • Interface to R
  • Interface to ‘Statistikbanken’ (a particular Danish online databank)
  • Seasonal correction (X12A)
  • Automatic translator from Gekko 1.8 to Gekko 2.0
  • Automatic translator from AREMOS to Gekko 2.0

The Gekko 1.8 translator is quite comprehensive, and deals with most of the changes in syntax. The translator from AREMOS is in it’s early stages, but still translates quite a lot of syntax. This will be improved gradually, and has quite high priority.

In the longer run, these capabilities are in the pipeline:

  • Meta-data: advanced labels, structures, document…. Perhaps stroring several historical SERIES expressions inside timeseries objects.
  • More graphing capabilities.
  • More tabelling and menu capabilities. It should be possible to easily convert/view all kinds of tables (including prints) in different ways, i.e. as text, html, via internal table viewer, or linked to a spreadsheet. Menus in Gekko could be used to organize many other things than pure tables.
  • Gekko 2.0 handles OLS, but perhaps some more econometric capabilities could be provided.
  • Read/write of GAMS files.
  • More on seasonal correction, including an INTERPOLATE command.
  • Auto-complete on variable names.
  • Option settings better organized.
  • Improved translators, especially from AREMOS.

Such capabilities could be considered a step in the direction of timeseries/modelling oriented software packages like AREMOS, EViews or Troll, to name a few. It is, however, not the intention to provide Gekko with full estimation capabilities at this stage (there are excellent free open-source packages like R or gretl specialized in that respect).