Gekko 3.0 was released as a stable version in the spring of 2019, and new users are advised to use versions in the 3.1.x series, which can be thought of as a “stable” development series (cf. the versions overview page). A stable version 2.4 exists, but in general, the work on the 2.x series is discontinued.

Development-wise, the focus is now on further stabilization of the 3.1.x version, including help systems etc.. If some syntax or other choices turn out to be unfortunate, this will be dealt with in a future “risky” 3.3.x development series that is not even at the drawing board yet (and may not be until 2021).

Some ideas for the further development of the 3.1.x series (as of August 2019):

  • Improved solver capabilities. Blocks of equations. Equation objects. Model objects. More means than goals. Improved tracking when simulations fail.
  • 64-bit version of Gekko. Enhanced digital signing of gekko.exe?
  • Daily and weekly frequencies
  • Improved DECOMP
  • More advanced PLOT windows
  • More advanced seasonal correction (JDemetra+)
  • Better Python interfaces
  • Better translator from Gekko 2.0/2.2/2.4 to 3.0 and 3.1.x.
  • Stabilizing 3.1.x, continuing to flx small bugs and glitches. Better error messages in Gekko 3.1.x.
  • Source code documentation + API for Gekko.
  • Databank API?