Help file problem

Gekko uses a so-called .chm file (gekko.chm) to display the help system.

In general, beware that Windows 7, 8 and 10 do not allow opening up .chm files from a network drive. If possible, try to copy gekko.chm to a non-network drive and open it up from that location. (If you have to open up gekko.chm from a network drive, see the HHreg utility mentioned at the bottom of this page).

However, when Gekko is downloaded and installed, opening the gekko.chm file from Gekko (for instance with F1) should normally not pose any problems, since Gekko first copies the .chm file to a local temporary folder on the user’s hard disk when Gekko starts up.

Windows 7 and 10 seems to be quite strict about .chm files, so it seems to be difficult to issue any guarantees. So if you experience problems opening the Gekko help files from Gekko, you may try this (if you just downloaded gekko.chm or got it via email, just skip step (1) below):

1. Locate the relevant gekko.chm on your system. The easiest way is to open up Gekko, and choose ‘Help’ –> ‘About…’ in the menu. This will among other things show the program folder (for instance C:\Program Files\Gekko). The helpfile is located in the sub-folder \helpfiles in this folder (for instance:C:\Program Files\Gekko\helpfiles), with the name gekko.chm.

2. Try to double-click the gekko.chm file. If it opens up normally, there should be no security issues. But it may show the following security warning (Danish):

Security warning

If this is so, please first uncheck the shown tick mark, and then open the file by pressing the “Open” button. After this, gekko.chm should begin to open up normally (also when pressing F1 in Gekko later on).

3. Another way of accomplishing the same thing as (2) is to right-click gekko.chm. The following window is shown (Danish):

Remove security warning

Try to click the marked button, and then ‘OK’. This should also remove the security blocking of the file.

4. If none of this helps, it may be because you do not have administrator privileges on your pc, or because you are running Windows XP or Vista, or the help file may be located on a network drive. In that case, you may try the freeĀ HHReg utility. This utility can help you mark your chm file(s) as being safe in the Windows registry. The utility is well-made and from a trusted source (the Help&Manual software is actually used to manage the Gekko help system).