Gekko on Mac/Linux

Gekko is developed for Windows .NET. However, by means of virtualization software (or dual-boot), Gekko can run on Mac OSX or Linux. There are the following possibilities regarding Mac (Linux has not been tested as of now, but some of the links may apply to Linux, too):

(1) and (2) are the easiest (and most expensive), and (1) is tested and works without a hitch. The most expensive part is to acquire a Windows version if one is not already an owner of one (in principle, Windows XP service pack 3 will suffice to run Gekko 1.8 or 2.0, and probably 3.0 too). Instead of installing Windows manually on your Mac, you may buy (1) or (2) with Windows pre-installed. This is the easiest but also most expensive option, and will cost a few hundred US$ in total. If doing so, you might consider Windows 10 as a good choice.

(3) is similar to (1) and (2), but is a free product. (3) is not available with Windows pre-installed, contrary to (1) and (2). If you own a Windows licence, this may be the best option (it will consume some time for manual Windows installation, though). Windows 10 costs around $110 if you are not upgrading from older Windows versions, so at that price you are up and running Gekko. (Probably the price of the Windows operating system will keep decreasing over time, as it has done over the last decade).

(4) is not as easy as (1)-(3), because it involves booting up you Mac in different ways. This may not appeal, unless you plan to work in Gekko (or Windows) all day long. Requires Windows DVD + licence, similar to (3).

To compare (1)-(3), see this great article:



More about Gekko on Mac/Linux

If you want to understand more of the background about why Gekko is not yet available as a native Mac or Linux distribution, you might consult these two blog posts:

Providing a console (non-gui) version of Gekko for Mac and Linux would not be too difficult, but it would not be too much fun to use. And porting the user interface (GUI) to Mac/Linux is simply too much work at the moment, considering that the largest potential user base for Gekko is Windows desktop users. We would really love to provide a cross-platform Gekko, but time is an issue. But perhaps one day Xamarin (now a Microsoft company) can do this, or using HTML5 would become viable for well-functioning cross-platform GUIs. In the meantime, using virtualization software like (1)-(3) is a reasonable alternative.

In the longer run, Gekko will probably migrate to .NET Core, which can run directly on both Linux and Mac. There would still be the question of the graphical user interface, though.