Introduction to the Gekko 3.1.x help system

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Introduction to the Gekko 3.1.x help system

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Last modified: 29/11 2021



Gekko Timeseries and Modeling Software is a free and open-source software system for managing and analyzing timeseries data, and for solving and analyzing large-scale economic models. See the Gekko homepage: Read more about the status of different Gekko versions on the Gekko versions overview page.


See the search page if you need to search the Gekko help system.



Short-cuts to oft-used sections:  

Gekko commands

Gekko functions

Data Management User Guide

Modeling User Guide


The Gekko help system contains the following main sections:


Introduction. General info on new features, installation, user interface, versions, etc.

Search. Search the Gekko help system.

Gekko User Guide. New users are guided through the software with descriptions, practical examples, etc.

Gekko User Manual. Comprehensive and detailed description of commands, functions, etc.

Excel add-in (Gekcel). A component that makes it possible to issue Gekko commands from within Excel.



The help system occasionally uses toogles: embedded text that can be opened and closed quickly like the following: +toggle (try to click it).