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[This section really should have been the first I put on the MadLab site, so sorry for the delay...]

I would like to thank the following persons for helping me with the program or the lambda-search paper behind the algorithm.

Thanks to Tomas Hutters for spurring the whole idea of game programming. Thanks to Tristan Cazenave, Uri (& Sandra) Globus and Ernst A. Heinz for inspiring discussions and sharing of ideas (and for nice company at the CG2000 conference in Japan!). Also thanks to Anders Kierulf, S°ren Stig Andersen and Allan Lind Jensen for reading drafts of the paper and providing me with a lot of useful and detailed feedback. Finally thanks to the three anonymous referees who commented on the paper back then.

I would also like to thank Ian Frank, Tony Marsland and Hiroyuki Iida for a very well-organized CG2000 conference, and for a travel award that helped me finance the trip to Japan (though they insist I should really thank the Japanese government for that). Thanks also to Tony Marsland and Jaap van den Herik for considering my article for the ICGA Journal (and later for a journal award).

Regarding MadLab, I would like to thank Jan Ramon for testing out the program, and for his interest in the algorithm. In addition, I would like to thank Mark Boon for generously making his Tesuji Software Go Library (from Goliath) available. For various reasons I ended up not using his incredibly fast ladder-reading algorithm, but it taught me a lot about how to code fast Java data structures for Go. Thanks to David Fotland for a nice looking program (Many Faces of Go). The GUI of MadLab is obviously inspired by Many Faces, but hopefully not to a disturbing degree... (else please let me know, David). Finally thanks to RenÚ Grothmann for making the sources of JagoClient available, which helped me regarding how to draw resizable nice-looking Go stones.

Last, but not least, thanks to my wife and kids for kindly tolerating me while absorbed in algorithms...