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System requirements

MadLab is written i Java, and should be able to run on any platform capable of running Java 1.4.0 or better. This includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, etc. MadLab has mostly been tested on the Windows platform, including Windows 98, 2000 and XP. It has run on Linux as well, but the testing on Linux is rather limited. If in any way in doubt whether MadLab will run on your system, please try out the demo first. If this works, the full version should run, too.

Java version
MadLab runs on Java 1.4.0 or better, but if possible it is recommended to use Java 1.4.2 or better for the most enjoyable experience.

System hardware
MadLab has no particular demands in this respect, as long as the system can run Java. But in order to run properly a processor speed of 500+ Mhz would be a good idea, and at least 128 MB RAM would be advisable. Screen resolution is recommended to be 800 x 600 or better. MadLab itself (including the 997 problems) takes up about 20 MB of disk space. If you do not have Java installed already, you should expect to use an additional 50 MB of disk space for Java.