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General install page: download MadLab installer specific to your needs

Windows quick link: download MadLab now (~15 MB)

Linux quick link: download MadLab now (~24 MB)

Further details about installation


Welcome to the MadLab download page.

On this page you will find all the information needed in order to download and install MadLab on your computer. It is recommended that you read below about how the installation works, but if you are a Windows or Linux user and want to skip the details, click on the appropriate "Quick link" on the left side of this page. (Note however, that this download may be larger than what is really necessary).

MadLab is written in Java, which means that the program should run on all kinds of platforms; Windows, Linux, Mac, UNIX, Solaris, etc. In order to run, the program needs a Java Runtime Environment/Java Virtual Machine (JRE/JVM) version 1.4 or better. For Windows and Linux a JRE/JVM may optionally be included as an integrated part of the MadLab installer. The installer with Java is quite a bit larger than without (Windows: about 15 MB compared to 3 MB).

You may check whether a suitable JRE/JVM is already available on you machine here:

Check your Java JRE/JVM version

If the above check indicates that you have a JRE/JVM version 1.4 or better already, you can download the (small) installer without Java. If you do not have a suitable JRE/JVM version, you have two options. (A) Either you download the (large) installer with Java. This way Java is installed on your system as an integrated part of the MadLab installation. (B) Alternatively, you may prefer to download and install Java yourself (before downloading and installing MadLab), in order to obtain the latest Java version and have full control over the Java installation. To download Java separately from Sun, click below:

After you have successfully installed Java, you may download the (small) installer without a JRE/JVM.

NOTE: If you are on a Windows platform and are in doubt or confused about what to do, try downloading the full Windows MadLab installer here, and doubleclick the file (jinstall.exe) afterwards.