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Known bugs (1.6.7)

Problems with the RETURN statement.

The RETURN statement does not always skip all the remaining parts of a command file.

Workaround: instead of using RETURN, out-comment the remainder of the file with '/*' followed by '*/'.

The STOP and EXIT commands work as intended.

Some problems with adding VAL and STRING, or DATE and STRING.

VAL v1 = 1;
STRING s2 = '2';
VAL v = #v1 + #s2;

gives v = 21, should be 12. Workaround: VAL v = string(#v1) + #s2.
Same problem here:

DATE d1 = 1990;
STRING s2 = '2';
VAL v = #v1 + #s2;

gives v = 21990, should be 19902. Same workaround: VAL v = string(#d1) + #s2. If you wish to sum them arithmetically, you should use "VAL v = #v1 + val(#s2)" or "VAL v = #d1 + val(#s2)" respectively.

Conversion between memory variables will be tested and documented more thoroughly in the 1.7.x series. The conversion between memory variable types is relatively new, so please use with some care.

Note: adding a DATE and a VAL together seems to work fine (will result in a DATE, offset by the VAL). Adding VAL and VAL or STRING and STRING has no problems either.

Convergence of forward-looking models

It seems problematic to use the same criteria for Fair-Taylor convergence as for Gauss convergence. The best seems to be to use stricter criteria for Gauss convergence than for Fair-Taylor convergence, otherwise the Fair-Taylor loop may keep iterating needlessly. This problem will be investigated further.